For over 50 years, Old Berwick Historical Society members have collected historic maps, papers, photos and objects reflecting the heritage of the Piscataqua region, with a concentration on the Salmon Falls River area near South Berwick, Maine. Today the Counting House Museum is a repository for over 13,500 items covering a wide spectrum of community life. (In addition to the main collection, the museum also houses over 30,000 artifacts from the Chadbourne Archaeology Project.)

Volunteers maintain the collection as a research center and can help you refine your search and make the archives available for study. To make an appointment, or to request information, please write .

Photocopies can be made at 25 cents per page, with photos scanned for $10 for non-publication use (higher rates for published images).

If our volunteers assist you, please consider supporting the Old Berwick Historical Society with a $20 donation.  A membership donation helps us to maintain our museum, archives and services.

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