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EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

Cemetery Database

Last Lord
First Mehitable, Mrs
DOB Abt 1766
DOD 8/7/1831
Age Aged 65 Years
Remarks Widow of Hon john Lord. Her children have erected this monument in evidence of their grateful and affectionate rememberance of her distinguished excellencies. Her character was marked by uncommon energy, activity, intelligence, and disinterestedness formed upon the religion of the Divine Redeemer, which from an early period she adorned by a consistent profession. In all her domestic and social relations she was trusted and loved and honored. Her home was a scene on uninterrupted kindness, hospitatility and rational enjoyment. She communicated instruction and delight in every circle in which she moved, and dispersed widely the blessings of her liberality. Devoted to the interests of vital piety & forward in all benevolent actions, she contributed largely to the advancement of the Church of Christ, and to the influence of its mission. Her whole life was a series of useful labors performed cheerfully amidst infirmities and afflictions, and finished in the assurance of Christian faith. Her worth is treasured up in the hearts of numerous friends and the fruits of her prayers and alms will all be produced when this monument shall have crumbled and her dust shall be forgotten.
Cemetery OldFields
Town South Berwick

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