OBHS Cemeteries

EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

Cemetery Database

Last First DOD Age Cemetery Town  
Varney Mary M 9/12/1943   PortlandSt South Berwick
Libbey Mary Wilhelmina 9/12/1894 Aged 2 Months 2 Days Libbey 1 (Isaac) South Berwick
Butler Sadie M 9/12/1885 AE 30 Years 3 Months 25 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Warren John E 9/12/1852 Aged 11 Months 21 Days OldFields South Berwick
Chadbourn Mehetabel 9/12/1833 Aged 89 Years OldFields South Berwick
Gookin Lucretia 9/12/1824 Aged 30 Years OldFields South Berwick
Fogg Martha A French 9/11/1940   PortlandSt South Berwick
Gilman Warren S 9/11/1907   PortlandSt South Berwick
Butler Elsie M 9/11/1901   PortlandSt South Berwick
Horn Lillin 9/11/1865 Aged 2 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Hill John E, Dr 9/11/1862 AEt 27 Years 5 Months 17 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Abbott Sally 9/11/1849 Aged 90 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Hubbard Moses Russell 9/11/1848 Inscription below ground PortlandSt South Berwick
Snow Julia A 9/11/1833 Aged 1 Year 2 Months 22 Days Hall1 North Berwick
Abbott Sarah E 9/11/1832 Aged 25 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Chase John B 9/11/1821 AEt 18 Years 5 Months 18 Days Jellison/ Chase South Berwick
Allen Keith 9/10/1943   Woodlawn South Berwick
Nason Elizabeth 9/10/1871 Aged 81 Years 6 Months OldFields South Berwick
Chadbourne James W 9/10/1862 Aged 21 Years 6 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Rowe Charles T 9/10/1843 AE 26 Years 6 Months OldFields South Berwick
Pierce John 9/10/1823 AEt 52 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Donahue Harriet 9/1/1971   Woodlawn South Berwick
Sargent Norbert C 9/1/1961   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Norton Sarah 9/1/1862 Aged 95 Years OldFields South Berwick
Oakes Gilman B (Benny) 9/1/1855   PortlandSt South Berwick
Goodwin John S 9/1/1851 Aged 1 Year 8 Months Goodwin 2 (John S.) South Berwick
Plaisted John H 9/1/1848 Aged 32 Years 8 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Griffin William A 8/9/1955   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Allen Alice L 8/9/1950   Woodlawn South Berwick
Durgin George W 8/9/1910   Free Will South Berwick
Wentworth Benjamin L 8/9/1900   Clark Berwick
Nealley Fred T 8/9/1892   Woodlawn South Berwick
Goodwin Stephen 8/9/1880 AE 24 Years 3 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Gould Elizabeth 8/9/1878 Aged 53 Years 7 Months Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Brown George William 8/9/1875 Aged 32 Years 1 Month 26 Days Hamilton 1 (Simeon) South Berwick
Brown Columbia 8/9/1865 Aged 17 Years 6 Months Brown 1 (John) South Berwick
Knight Unknown 8/9/1861 Aged ?? Years ?? Months 9 Days Knight 1 (Samuel) South Berwick
Garland Martha, Mrs 8/9/1827 Aged 46 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Hall Sarah Clements 8/9/1822 Aged 64 Years 6 Months 30 Days Hall2 North Berwick
Hall Sarah 8/9/1822 AE 64 Years 7 Months Hall2 North Berwick
Tarbox Lizzie S 8/8/1921   PortlandSt South Berwick
Shorey Albra 8/8/1914 AEt 86 Years 7 Months OldFields South Berwick
Jewett Elisha H 8/8/1883 Aged 67 Years 3 Months 28 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Hubbard Almira 8/8/1847 AE 42 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Shorey Our Little Allie 8/8/1843 Aged 8 Months Shorey 1 (Charles) South Berwick
Stacy John R 8/7/2005   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Dagan Phyllis M 8/7/1999   Woodlawn South Berwick
Moulton Harry E 8/7/1962   Woodlawn South Berwick
Thompson Edwin P 8/7/1878   Woodlawn South Berwick
Knight Grindal 8/7/1854 Aged 11 Months Knight 3 (Barnard) South Berwick