OBHS Cemeteries

EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

Cemetery Database

Last First DOD Age Cemetery Town  
Carlton Daniel 9/21/1865 AE 79 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Robbins Elbridge 9/21/1849 Aged 11 Months 21 Days OldFields South Berwick
Goodwin Dominicus 9/21/1814 Aged 23 Years OldFields South Berwick
Layne Mary T 9/20/1986   Woodlawn South Berwick
Cossette Joseph D 9/20/1974   Woodlawn South Berwick
Leggett Marjorie B 9/20/1971   Woodlawn South Berwick
  Lida L 9/20/1959   PortlandSt South Berwick
Bradford Helen M 9/20/1913   PortlandSt South Berwick
Earl Lydia 9/20/1897   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Nason Mary Alice 9/20/1879 AEt 21 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Jewett Theodore H. Dr 9/20/1878   PortlandSt South Berwick
Hayes Susan 9/20/1870 Aged 80 Years OldFields South Berwick
Joy Simeon 9/20/1869 Aged 24 Years 2 Months 7 Days Joy 1 (Simeon) South Berwick
Abbott Nathan 9/20/1860 AE 58 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Richmond Marantha 9/20/1858 AE 3 Months 10 Days Jellison/ Chase South Berwick
Grant Clinton M 9/20/1851 Aged 1 Year 8 Months Wadleigh 2 (Ebenezer) South Berwick
Boyd Tirzah 9/20/1835 AE 2 Years 3 Months 7 Days Boyd 1 (Rev. David) South Berwick
Hall Samuel 9/20/1832 Aged 26 Years 6 Months Hall1 North Berwick
Merrow Ann Maria 9/20/1829 Aged 4 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Boyd James 9/20/1824 AE 41 Years 4 Months 20 Days Boyd 1 (Rev. David) South Berwick
Dennett Ebenezer 9/20/1821 Aged 57 Years Dennett 1 (Ebenezer) South Berwick
How Mary P 9/20/1821 Aged 17 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Lord Sarah 9/20/1802 Aged 70 Years OldFields South Berwick
Emery Lillian A 9/2/1965   Emery 2 (Joseph) South Berwick
Durnin Minnie I 9/2/1958   Woodlawn South Berwick
Hersom Jennie M 9/2/1941   Woodlawn South Berwick
Eldridge Emely 9/2/1924 Aged 82 Years Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Oakes Abner 9/2/1899   PortlandSt South Berwick
Coche Louise 9/2/1874 Aged 1 Month 14 Days Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Hodgdon Walace F 9/2/1873 AE 1 Year Woodlawn South Berwick
McDuffee Emily J 9/2/1850 AE 2 Years 3 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Plaisted William 9/2/1847   PortlandSt South Berwick
Bartlett Sarah 9/2/1846 Aged 9 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Hall Oran 9/2/1826 AE 10 Months 5 Days Hall1 North Berwick
Norton Mercy Rust 9/2/1818 AE 40 Years OldFields South Berwick
Thibeault Nicole L 9/1980   PortlandSt South Berwick
Spencer Ellen A 9/19/2035   PortlandSt South Berwick
Egner Steven M 9/19/1998   Woodlawn South Berwick
Blackmore Madeleine S 9/19/1982   Woodlawn South Berwick
Bryant Mary E 9/19/1937   Woodlawn South Berwick
Davis Charles T 9/19/1887 AE 41 Years 4 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Knight Susan 9/19/1873   Knight 2 (Ivory) South Berwick
Pierce Laura E 9/19/1869 Aged 6 Months 9 Days OldFields South Berwick
Hodgdon Sarah E 9/19/1858 Aged 19 Years 1 Month 19 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Wentworth Sarah 9/19/1847 Aged 74 Years 2 Months Wentworth1 (Samuel) South Berwick
Thompson Betsey 9/1869 AE 85 Years Jellison/ Chase South Berwick
Cole Thomas M 9/18/1983   Woodlawn South Berwick
Rhodes Ernest H 9/18/1972   Woodlawn South Berwick
Watts Mary E Gregg 9/18/1931   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Hanson Clementine 9/18/1876   Pleasant Hill South Berwick