OBHS Cemeteries

EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

Cemetery Database

Last First DOD Age Cemetery Town  
Leighton Charles Edwin Jr 9/25/2003   Woodlawn South Berwick
Sobolewski Charles R 9/25/2003   Woodlawn South Berwick
Sobolewski Richard 9/25/2003   Woodlawn South Berwick
Clark Troy A 9/25/1990   Woodlawn South Berwick
Merrill Martha R 9/25/1990   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Pinkham Maurice Dow 9/25/1958   Woodlawn South Berwick
Keays Charles 9/25/1879 Aged 67 Years 4 Months Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Plumer John 9/25/1873 AE 73 Years 9 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Roche Matthew 9/25/1854   Woodlawn South Berwick
Chase John F 9/25/1821 AEt 10 Months Jellison/ Chase South Berwick
Day Herbert W, Sr 9/24/1980   Woodlawn South Berwick
Sweat Clarence A 9/24/1965   PortlandSt South Berwick
Hutchins Harold E 9/24/1958   Woodlawn South Berwick
Knight Bernard 9/24/1887 Aged 72 Years Knight 3 (Barnard) South Berwick
Cogswell Arthur Lambert 9/24/1870 Aged 7 Weeks PortlandSt South Berwick
Thompson Georgianna 9/23/1996   Woodlawn South Berwick
Dowling Tricia 9/23/1995   Woodlawn South Berwick
Nowell Lillian G 9/23/1945 AE 50 Years 6 Months Woodlawn South Berwick
O'Neil Sarah Annie 9/23/1938   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Rhodes Erma A 9/23/1937   Woodlawn South Berwick
Pierce Grace M 9/23/1930   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Spencer Oscar A 9/23/1918   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Shorey Charles F 9/23/1890 Aged 43 Years 6 Months Shorey 1 (Charles) South Berwick
Libbey Isaac 9/23/1888 Aged 83 Years 1 Month 17 Days Libbey 1 (Isaac) South Berwick
Garvin Estelle 9/23/1872 Aged 24 Years Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Ferguson Caroline 9/23/1841   PortlandSt South Berwick
Plumer Nahum Y 9/23/1837 AE 1 Year 6 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Maddox Anna E 9/22/1984   Woodlawn South Berwick
Trafton Burton W F, Sr 9/22/1974   Woodlawn South Berwick
Trafton Burton W F 9/22/1974   Woodlawn South Berwick
Allen Minnie F 9/22/1959   Woodlawn South Berwick
Knowles Forest A 9/22/1947   Woodlawn South Berwick
Roberts Sarah F 9/22/1922   Woodlawn South Berwick
Johnson Nancy F 9/22/1893 AE 90 Years 4 Months 24 Days Hobbs1 North Berwick
Marr Kezia 9/22/1879   Marr 1 (Oliver) South Berwick
McIntire George A 9/22/1874 AE 32 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Blaisdell Samuel 9/22/1870 Aged 82 Years 2 Months Blaisdell Kenyon South Berwick
Ham Gilman T 9/22/1869 40 Years 4 Months 8 Days Clark Berwick
Morrison Ralph 9/22/1869   Woodlawn South Berwick
Tattersal Olive M 9/22/1859 Aged 58 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Richmond Charles Edwin 9/22/1848 Aged 5 Months 29 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
White Berdena M 9/21/1957   Woodlawn South Berwick
MacOrmond Sylvia E Goodwin 9/21/1935   Woodlawn South Berwick
Shaw Irene R 9/21/1915 Aged 85 Years 7 Months 18 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Littlefield Enoch, Jr 9/21/1909 Aged 71 Years 6 Months Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Davis Dorothy Dudley 9/21/1905   PortlandSt South Berwick
Adams Hattie N 9/21/1902 Aged 67 Years 6 Months 19 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Gilpatrick Mamie 9/21/1896   PortlandSt South Berwick
Goodwin David L 9/21/1880 Aged 64 Years 4 Months 10 Days Goodwin 1 (Moses) South Berwick
Merrill Mary H 9/21/1880 AE 51 Years Woodlawn South Berwick