OBHS Cemeteries

EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

Cemetery Database

Last First DOD Age Cemetery Town  
Quint E Albert 9/4/1897   Woodlawn South Berwick
Brown William 9/4/1883   Hamilton 1 (Simeon) South Berwick
Lowell Annie E 9/4/1875 Aged 21 Years 6 Months Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Plumer Katherine 9/4/1833 AE 30 Years 6 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Boston Delmar J 9/30/1987   Woodlawn South Berwick
Gaudreault Arthur L 9/30/1949   Woodlawn South Berwick
Zajacz John W 9/30/1945   Woodlawn South Berwick
Knowles Harold M 9/30/1918   Woodlawn South Berwick
Fogg Henry N 9/30/1884 AE 34 Years 6 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Boyd Tirzah A 9/30/1883 AE 29 Years 11 Months 9 Days Boyd 1 (Rev. David) South Berwick
England Arthur 9/3/1997   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Brown Oscar 9/3/1930 AE 63 years 4 Months 12 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Webster Ida F McDuffee 9/3/1925   Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Knight Florance J 9/3/1918   Woodlawn South Berwick
Murphy Charles W 9/3/1899   Woodlawn South Berwick
Bradford Clarence G 9/3/1898   PortlandSt South Berwick
Day Lucy J 9/3/1891 AE 1 Month Woodlawn South Berwick
Nowell Oliver S 9/3/1891 Aged 68 Years 4 Months Nowell 1 (Oliver) South Berwick
Cooper John 9/3/1868 AE 62 Years Cooper 1 (John) South Berwick
Abbott Bowen G 9/3/1864 AEt 34 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Merrow James Smith 9/3/1827 Aged 29 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Chick Linwood J 9/29/1981   Woodlawn South Berwick
MacKenzie Grace N 9/29/1973   Woodlawn South Berwick
Hobbs Charles G 9/29/1917 AEt 82 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Williams George W 9/29/1897 Aged 63 Years Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Moore Isaac L 9/29/1886   Woodlawn South Berwick
Cate Freddie R 9/29/1867 AE 1 Year 5 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Littlefield Edward 9/29/1861 Aged 70 Years 10 Months Littlefield 1 (Edward) South Berwick
Hall Orin 9/29/1853 Aged 21 Years 10 Months 29 Days Hall2 North Berwick
Hall Orin 9/29/1853 Aged 22 Years Hall2 North Berwick
Hargis G Jean Parker 9/28/1997   Woodlawn South Berwick
Cheney Anna M 9/28/1981   Woodlawn South Berwick
Allen Ora Belle 9/28/1950   Woodlawn South Berwick
Jewett Mary Rice 9/28/1930   PortlandSt South Berwick
Allen Sarah A 9/28/1900   Woodlawn South Berwick
Thompson Frank L 9/28/1886   PortlandSt South Berwick
Moore Adelbert E 9/28/1855 AE 2 Years 5 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Hasty Lydia Ann 9/28/1849 AE 2 Years 4 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Lord George 9/28/1848 AE 44 Years OldFields South Berwick
Wadleigh Sarah J 9/28/1841 Aged 8 Years 8 Months 13 Days OldFields South Berwick
Hall Julian 9/28/1830 AE 24 Years 7 Months 18 Days Hall1 North Berwick
Harkinson Ralph Ernest Jr 9/27/2002   Woodlawn South Berwick
Goodwin Lucy 9/27/1880 Aged 83 Years Shorey 4 (Joseph) South Berwick
Nealley Hannah B 9/27/1871 Aged 58 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
How Oliver, Mr 9/27/1818 AEt 20 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Earl Chester Guy 9/26/1957   Free Will South Berwick
Nason Elizabeth 9/26/1898   Nason 1 (Joshua) South Berwick
Grant Sabina 9/26/1869   Hubbard Emery Simpson South Berwick
Hardison Freeman M 9/26/1866 Aged 39 Years 19 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Hamilton Jonathan 9/26/1802 AEtatis 57 Years OldFields South Berwick