OBHS Cemetery Records

EXPLORE! South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day. Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans. The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks.

This cemetery database is based on Old Berwick Historical Society archives, particularly "The South Berwick (Maine) Record Book," a 1967 survey by John Eldridge Frost, with updates by historical society volunteers.  Records here reflect inscriptions on graves in Old Fields Burying Ground, Portland Street Cemetery, Freewill Baptist Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery, and many small burial plots scattered throughout South Berwick.

Cemetery Database

Last First DOD Age Cemetery Town  
Nason Martha S. July 2, 1878   Nason 2 (Daniel) South Berwick
Kimball Caroline Jan. 21, 1880   Kimball 3 (Jeremiah) South Berwick
Joy Abby Jan. 19, 18__   Joy 6 (Abby) South Berwick
Nason Daniel Feb. 23, 1889   Nason 2 (Daniel) South Berwick
Nason Augustus Feb 8, 1832   Nason 2 (Daniel) South Berwick
Joy FH D_ ____ __   Joy 7 (William) South Berwick
Joy W(illiam) D_ Oct 24, 1827   Joy 7 (William) South Berwick
Joy H D_ Mar 1 1837 ae 11(?) y 22(?) D   Joy 7 (William) South Berwick
Kimball Jeremiah Apr. 21, 1873   Kimball 3 (Jeremiah) South Berwick
Nason Mary Apr. 14, 1886   Nason 2 (Daniel) South Berwick
Knight Samuel ??/10/1859 Aged 76 Years 10 Months 5 Days Knight 1 (Samuel) South Berwick
Cheney Ronald F 9/9/2000   Woodlawn South Berwick
Cox Florence C 9/9/1956   Woodlawn South Berwick
Nason Stephen J 9/9/1905   Woodlawn South Berwick
Hanson Julia Frances 9/9/1897   PortlandSt South Berwick
Roach Edmund P 9/9/1886 Aged 87 Years Woodlawn South Berwick
Emery Irene P 9/9/1884 AEt 63 Years 6 Months Woodlawn South Berwick
Goodwin Eben 9/9/1877 Aged 62 Years Goodwin 1 (Moses) South Berwick
Austin Andrew 9/9/1850 Aged 76 Years Austin 1 (Andrew) South Berwick
Pawnell James E 9/8/1995   Woodlawn South Berwick
Cooper Caroline M 9/8/1916 Aged 77 Years 6 Months 24 Days Pleasant Hill South Berwick
Roche Elizabeth 9/8/1895 AE 93 Years 1 Month Woodlawn South Berwick
Chase Mary 9/8/1861 AEt 94 Years 1 Month Jellison/ Chase South Berwick
Stone Olive 9/8/1860 Aged 37 Years Shorey 4 (Joseph) South Berwick
Hayes Ernest A 9/8/1858 AE 1 Year 2 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Libby Charles 9/8/1792   Woodlawn South Berwick
Ainsworth Beatrice M 9/7/1989   Woodlawn South Berwick
Doe George Henry 9/7/1930   PortlandSt South Berwick
Lang Richard 9/7/1920   Woodlawn South Berwick
Flynn William 9/7/1883 AE 41 Years 3 Months OldFields South Berwick
Allen Howard W 9/7/1878 Aged 20 Years 10 Months 14 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
Morrison Walter 9/7/1868   Woodlawn South Berwick
Nealley Salley 9/7/1849 AE 65 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Merrow Nancy W 9/7/1832 Aged 20 Years PortlandSt South Berwick
Flagg Mercy Joy 9/6/1913   PortlandSt South Berwick
Shorey Anna L 9/6/1895 Aged 37 Years 5 Months Shorey 1 (Charles) South Berwick
Pierce Ina M 9/6/1893 Aged 5 Months 18 Days OldFields South Berwick
Robbins Charles A 9/6/1848 AEt 2 Years 4 Months PortlandSt South Berwick
Cunningham Stanley, Jr 9/5/1992   Woodlawn South Berwick
Bradeen Joshua E L 9/5/1907   Woodlawn South Berwick
Dennett Winborn 9/5/1873   PortlandSt South Berwick
Dennett Winborn 9/5/1873   PortlandSt South Berwick
Doe Frank Ellsworth 9/5/1868 AE 7 Years 8 Months 18 Days PortlandSt South Berwick
McIntire Clara A 9/5/1854   PortlandSt South Berwick
Stone Oliver 9/5/1833 AEt 25 Years Woodlawn South Berwick
Littlefield Dorothy E 9/4/2001   Woodlawn South Berwick
Stalnecker Harry Paul 9/4/1999   Woodlawn South Berwick
McLaughlin Frederick A 9/4/1998   Woodlawn South Berwick
Hodgkinson Albert W 9/4/1960   Woodlawn South Berwick
Sweat Charles H 9/4/1939   PortlandSt South Berwick