Lecture: Shredding Paper: The Rise and Fall of Maine`s Mighty Paper Industry


Economic historian Dr. Mike Hillard captures the history of Maine`s greatest industry - paper manufacturing - accounting for why it made Maine the “Detroit of Paper,” how it came to shape the lives of tens of thousands of Mainers, the story of its workers and labor relations that evolved from an early paternalism into a strike ridden unionized industry, and why and how Wall Street and global forces ruthlessly killed off the industry in recent decades. Hillard`s telling is based on more than 150 oral history interviews and brings to life a long chapter in Maine’s heritage.

No registration required. Donations gratefully accepted.  ZOOM LINK https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83066049992?pwd=SuVMTPYq8r72PU5ZZrc4yE68WSHI6v.1

The lecture is free and open to the public. The Old Berwick Historical Society’s 2023 lectures are generously sponsored by Kennebunk Savings and supported by historical society members and donors. More information is available by calling 207-384-0000 or at www.oldberwick.org.

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