Sullivan Sites in Berwick, Maine

The remarkable family of John Sullivan settled on Pine Hill in today's Berwick, Maine.
Sullivan locations in Berwick
From 1872 map Atlas of York County

A house now located at 134 School Street or Route 9 is believed to be Master John Sullivan's school, which was moved from its original location shown on the map above. This house was identified by Clare Gillingham and Nancy Cook.  This view was taken from Old Pine Hill Road looking at the present rear of the house. The next photo was taken from School Street (Rte 9), showing the front of the house with a wide lawn.  

 Thought to be Sullivan schoolhouse
View from School Street (Route 9)
View from School Street (Route 9)
Location of Sullivan Farm in Berwick

In the center of downtown Berwick today, a marker indicates the location of the original Master John Sullivan farm site, near the actual hill called Pine Hill.  The marker stands at the fork formed by Sullivan Street and Pine Hill Road (not Old Pine Hill Road). The above photo looks north, up Pine Hill. Sullivan Street is the road to the right. Winslow Street and an original location of the family burying plot are off Sullivan St., out of view to the right. 







Sullivan Plaque
Sullivan farm site today

This photo was taken looking north along Sullivan Street from below the marker shown above, which stands at the evergreen tree in the background toward the left. The beautiful early 19th century house in the foreground is Goodwin Insurance.  It is shown as part of a tannery complex on the Berwick map of 1872 (Pine Hill map above).