Old Fields Road South Tour


Old Fields Road South Tour

Vaughan Woods / Salmon Falls River


a) Site of Pipe Stave Landing

J. Hamilton house property/Salmon Falls River (pre-1652). Probable site of Pipe Stave Landing (1630s). On the property of the Jonathan Hamilton house, Salmon Falls River, South Berwick, looking south. Wooden timbers are part of the cribbed wharf built by David Moore or Jonathan Hamilton in the mid to late 18th century. (Photo: 2009)




b) Cow Cove - Site of earliest landings of first old Berwick settlers (1634)

Cow Cove, Vaughan Woods on the Salmon Falls River in South Berwick, looking northeast. Reputed site of the earliest landings of old Berwick’s first settlers in the early 1630s. (Photo: 2013)



c. James Warren Home and Burial Ground, Vaughan’s Woods (c. 1660)

Cellar hole of the dwelling of James Warren Sr. who lived here with his family from c. 1656-1702, Vaughan Woods, South Berwick. Looking northwest. Family cemetery is west and northwest of the cellar hole. (Photo: 2013)


Unmarked gravestones to the 17th and 18th century Warren family, Vaughan Woods, South Berwick. Looking northwest. Two standing stones are visible in the lower and upper center of photo, respectively. Seven more unmarked and standing grave stones are visible west and northwest of the cellar hole of the James Warren Sr. home. (Photo: 2013)


d) Site of Nathan Lord’s Garrison (c. 1690?)

Site of Nathan Lord’s garrison, built c. 1676-78, Lord’s Lane, South Berwick.
Roughly 225 yards west of junction with Rt. 236, looking north.
Garrison stood until c. 1816. (Photo: 2013)