Old Fields Road North Tour


Old Fields Road North Tour

 Vine St / Brattle St / Upper Old Fields Rd / Upper Old South Rd / South Berwick



a) Site of Captain John Hill Garrison (c. 1699)

Probable site of the c. 1699 garrison of John Hill, north side of Brattle Street, South Berwick. Looking northeast. (Photo: 2009)



b) Captain John Hill Homestead (c. 1700?)

South side Brattle Street, ½ mile from junction with Rt. 236, South Berwick.Captain John Hill homestead, c. 1699, looking southwest. Great Works River is situated behind the Hill dwelling. (Photo: 2013)



c) Great Works Saw & Grist Mill (1634)

Rocky Gorge, Great Works River, Brattle Street bridge, South Berwick. Looking northwest. Reputed site of the old Berwick’s first grist and saw mill established in 1634 and a more productive saw mill operating by the early 1650s. (Photo: 2013)



d) Site of First Berwick Meeting House (c.1660)

Old South Street, near junction with Brattle Street (Photo: 2013)

(Image: 1843 sketch of 1660 meeting house)



 e) Site of the Reverends Jeremiah Wise and John Wade Home

East side upper Vine Street (c. 1702)



f) Site of Humphrey Spencer Home, Tavern and Garrison (c. 1696)

Site of home, tavern, and garrison of Humphrey and Mary Spencer, c. 1699-1727, junction of Brattle Street and Old Fields Road, South Berwick. (Photo: 2013)



g) Thomas & Patience Spencer Home, William Spencer Home & Garrison (c. 1638, c. 1690)



h) Old Fields Burying Ground

Old Fields Burying Ground, Vine Street, South Berwick, looking northeast. Originally the Spencer family used this lot as their family burial ground during the 17th and early 18th century. (Photo: 2013)

“MC” (probably Chadbourne) Slate Fieldstone Gravestone
Old Fields Burying Ground, Vine Street, South Berwick, Probably 18th century.
Winged Death’s Head Slate Gravestone of Ann Moore, 1732
Old Fields Burying Ground, Vine Street, South Berwick.
Slate Fieldstone Gravestone of “SW”
Old Fields Burying Ground, Vine Street, South Berwick. Probably 18th century. Possibly marking the grave of a member of the families of Reverends John Wade or Jeremiah Wise.
Slate Gravestone of Mehitable (Plaisted) Goodwin
Old Fields Burying Ground, Vine Street, South Berwick.


i) Vine Street Bridge

Junction with Great Works River (c. 16__)



j) Site of Old Fields/Wabanaki Planting Grounds

Adjacent to north and south banks of the Great Works River near its junction with Salmon Falls River (pre-1634)


k) Site of Great Works, Chadbourne Sawmill (c. 1643)




l) Site of Humphrey Chadbourne Jr. & Sr. Homestead (Photo: 2013)