Jewett Brochure 3. Jewett Gardens, Main and Portland Streets

Sarah Orne Jewett Garden, South Berwick, MaineSarah’s writing is full of gardens, including those surrounding her two family houses.  Near the museum entrance to the Jewett House a collection of flowers and herbs from Sarah’s most famous novel, The Country of the Pointed Firs, now grows. Further behind the house along Main Street runs the broad aisle garden, planted with perennials and annuals from Sarah’s era. The white rose bush at the northwest corner of the Jewett House and the lilacs along the Portland Street fence are probably the very plants Sarah tended. When the red well house just behind the library was recently restored, a signature by 14-year-old Sarah was discovered. The gardens are open to the public year round. 

--From the Sarah Orne Jewett Walking Tour brochure by the Jewett Eastman Memorial Committee, trustees of Jewett Eastman House.