Jewett Brochure 11. Cushing House, site of Central School, Main Street

Cushing Mansion, South Berwick, Maine Central School was built in 1925 when the town modernized its school system by replacing the many neighborhood school houses with a single downtown building. In Sarah’s lifetime,the Cushing House, a mansion on the scale of the Nealley House next door, was here.  When the reclusive Elizabeth Cushing died at age 92 in 1886, Sarah wrote to Annie Fields: “Her mother was a kind of little old duchess with great social faculty, a friend of Lafayette in the war times, so that on his royal progress he took pains to come see her. I used to hear the call related with great particularity when I was a little girl.”

--From the Sarah Orne Jewett Walking Tour brochure by the Jewett Eastman Memorial Committee, trustees of Jewett Eastman House.