William Preston (1809-1875), weaver; Arthur Landry, cobbler

Preston Building

c. 1870 - Preston Building - 440 Main Street

William Preston (1809-1875), a successful weaver, owned these two connected buildings on the map of 1872, where they seem to have been either a weave shop or a general store.  Born in Yorkshire, England, Preston immigrated with his parents, who worked in textile mills, about 1840.  His wife, the former Maria Hazelgrove, was also English.  Family records indicate William and Maria moved to Salmon/Main Street about the time of the construction of railroad c. 1850, and operated a hand-loom weave shop making bedspreads and tablecloths, perhaps here or across High Street where he also owned a building that appears as a brick duplex on the map of 1927.  Family records state he also owned a general store.  He built a home on Berwick Road across from the far end of High Street, where his daughters remained after his death.  According to a local resident, in the early 20th century the left part of this building became a bar or beer store, followed by a used furniture store.  The section to the right became the cobbler shop of Arthur Landry in the early 20th century, followed by 1927 by the general store of Albertine Jarvis.