Team Sports and Horseracing

Excerpted from a talk by Ernie Wood, Old Berwick Historical Society Lecture, November 17, 2005

Team sports in South Berwick were part of the recreational activity lore. Berwick Academy was of course the local public high school in those days. Many towns in the area in addition to the local secondary schools had town teams. South Berwick was no exception.

Joe Scanlon remembers the town baseball team of 1950-52, which played area teams behind Central School . Some noteworthy names included by position:

    Dick Gagnon 1 st base
    Lefty Baron pitcher -- later a Red Sox minor leager
    Sammy Cerrette catcher
    Tim Flynn catcher
    David Fogarty shortstop
    Joe Scanlon 3 rd base
    Bob Hasty left-handed pitcher

Playing field hockey was student Joyce Pray, later Joyce Borkowski, shown here five from the left. English teacher Marie Donahue is the coach on the far left.

Area teams played from the early 20s and continued for over 50 years. Reporters' notes have been found in the South Berwick Chronicle . In 1932 the Odd Fellows and Masons also had teams in South Berwick.

In addition to team sports, would you believe that South Berwick also had a horse race track, located on the grounds of the present Outlook golf course? In talking with Junior Roberge, Tim Flynn and others, I learned a racetrack for the locals was located here. Informal races and betting were observed from the cupola atop the brick farmhouse on the golf course. Lena Battis, who lived in the brick farm house where the golf course is now, was allowed at times to join the men in the cupola to watch the races.

Malcolm Kenney's dad trained horses on his property nearby. Unlike the regulation track previously mentioned, Mr. Kenney's training oval was for his own horses. “Victory K” a successful horse of Mr. Kenney raced at Rochester and other New England tracks.