Mary Provensal (b. 1882), shop owner, Dube family

Provensal Store

c. 1870 Provensal-Tibbetts-Dube Store - 432 Main Street

This shop appears to be one owned by L. Tibbetts on the South Berwick, Maine, map of 1872.  Tibbetts property in this area eventually lent the name to Tibbetts Street.  The family was perhaps related to Rev. Lewis Tibbetts (1810-1885) of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Provensal-Tibbetts-Dube Store thenOn a map of 1901 this store appears to sell confectionary. It later was one of the Dube properties, perhaps O. Dube, Boot and Shoe Dealer (1928) or “The Bonnet Shoppe,” R. and A. Dube, Prop., millinery.  Photos indicate it seems to have contained the Provensal store for some time in the early 20th century.  

Mary Provensal was born in 1882 and operated a millinery and clothing shop here for over 30 years, starting in 1898, until her death in 1931.  She sold “fancy goods”—dresses, hats, collars, and gloves—as well as sweaters, socks, curtains, and blankets.

Tin ceiling, shop interior