Joseph Roberge and Albert Roberge, Sr., bakers

Roberge Bakery

1890 - Roberge Bakery - 431 Main Street

In 1900, Joseph Roberge, baker, advertised his cream bread baked in “Happy Valley, So. Berwick, Me.”   His bakery was located across the street at 430 Main.  In the early 1920s, his nephew Albert Roberge moved the business to this shop, which still contained one of the old ovens almost a century later.

The South Berwick Town Report of 1900 lists this advertisement for the bakery:

“Joseph Roberge, Baker, Happy Valley, So. Berwick, Me.   Home Made Pastry is what you get from my bakery and a trial of the same will convince you that my statement is absolutely correct.  Everybody who has used my CREAM BREAD will tell you that it is the best made.  If my drivers do not call on you send me a postal for a Window Card and they will in the future.”