George W. Butler (1814-1881), merchant, church treasurer; Ruel B. Rideout (1874-1944), retail merchant

Butler StoreOld Rideout's Hardware

late 1800s - Butler Store/Old Rideout’s Hardware – 337 Main Street

You will find RIDEOUT’S New Store in Butler Building THE HANDIEST PLACE To Buy Lead and Oil Mixed Paints, Varnishes, Shellac, Floor Oil, Glass, Putty, Fence Wire, Sheathing Paper, Roofing, Rakes, Hoes, Shovels, Field, Garden or Flower Seeds, Nails, Bolts and Screws...Agent for HUB RANGES –Acme Quality Paints and Varnishes – PRATT’S ANIMAL AND POULTRY FOOD.     -- 1913 South Berwick town report

On South Berwick maps of 1872, the house at 329 Main was occupied by George W. Butler (1814-1881), clerk of the Freewill Baptist church for 23 years.  He owned the Butler Store, today 337 Main.  Butler Street likely took its name from him. 

Still known in 1913 as the Butler Building, according to town reports, the store by then had become the “new” Rideout's Hardware, owned by Ruel B. Rideout (1874-1944), who made his home on Portland Street.  Rideout was town moderator for many years. 

This Butler/Rideout’s building appears on a map of 1901 as a variety store, and in 1927 as a residence.

The Rideout's business later moved to the Central Square Business Block, perhaps in the 1920s, where it continued for over 80 more years.

(Summary by Wendy Pirsig from archives in the Counting House Museum. Updated December 2020.)