Tilley Higgins 1771 Tax Valuation

From Massachusetts Tax Valuation of 1771, Picton Press, edited by Bettye Hobbs Pruitt, 1978 and 1998, p. 740.

[Old Berwick Historical Society notes: Name also spelled Tilly Haggens (d. 1777).  He had come from Ireland and in the mid-1700s acquired much of present-day Main Street and South Berwick Village, including presumably some mill rights on the Salmon Falls River.  Many of these holdings are reflected here in this tax list. Haggens was described as a trader and entrepreneur. His locally-built 80-ton sloop,The Dolphin, regularly sailed between Portsmouth, NH, and Barbados in the 1760s, trading cargoes of local wood products for rum, sugar and cotton produced by slave labor.  The tonnage of the Dolphin is reflected in this tax listing, and two household "servants for life" also appear here. In the 1798 Direct Tax Census, Tilly's son, John Haggens (1742-1822), is listed as one of the two wealthiest men in Berwick. John built the Sarah Orne Jewett House in 1774.]

    Houses and shops adjoining                                                    2 *
    Shops adjoining                                                                     0
    Tanhouses, etc **                                                                   1
    Stillhouses                                                                               1
    Warehouses                                                                            0
    Superficial feet of wharf                                                           0
    Ironworks                                                                              0
    Mills                                                                                    0.50
    Annual worth of the whole real estate                              48 pounds

    Servants for life                                                                       2
    Tons of vessels                                                                       80
    Horses                                                                                     2
    Oxen                                                                                       4
    Cattle                                                                                       6
    Goats and sheep                                                                     19
    Swine                                                                                      1
    Acres of pasture                                                                    200
    Number of cows pasture will keep                                             2
    Acres of tillage                                                                          4
    Bushels of grain produced per year                                        100
    Barrels of cider produced per year                                           10
    Acres of salt marsh                                                                     0
    Tons of salt marsh hay produced per year                                  0
    Acres of English and upland mowing land                                 20
    Tons of English and upland mowing hay produced per year     20
    Acres of fresh meadow                                                            10
    Tons of fresh meadow hay per year                                         10

    *houses and shops adjoining -- According to the editor, a "2" may mean one house and one shop adjoining, or it may mean two separate houses.

**Types of Buildings Included Under "Tanhouses, Etc."
Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771, published and republished 1978, 1998, Picton Press (p. xiii).   

Tan Houses, Etc.: Type
    01     tanhouse
    02     slaughterhouse
    03     shop
    04     potash works
    05     blacksmith shop
    06     cordwainter/shoe shop
    07     joiner
    08     cooper shop
    09     wheelwright shop
    10     malthouse
    11     ropewalk
    12     bake shop
    13     office
    14     shop + tanhouse + potash works
    15     shop + tanhouse
    16     shop + slaughterhouse
    17     shop + potash works
    18     2 shops + potash
    19     tanhouse + currying shop
    20     tanhouse + currying shop + potash
    21     spermaceti***/candle works
    22     masthouse
    23     candleworks + other, unidentified
    24     tanhouse + potash
    25     weaver shop
    26     gunsmith
    27     shop + ropewalk
    28     shop + other
    29     tailor shop
    30     two or more separate buildings, not specified (value under "Tanhouse, etc., is a sum)
    31     potash + othe unidentified
    32     shop + pearlash
    33     sadler shop

    As the length of the above list indicates, as assessors included a wide variety of working buildings under this heading. many, on the other hand, did not specify what type of building was enumerated, and in those cases there will be no code number at all in this column.

    ***Spermaceti: a pearly white, waxy, almost colorless and tasteless water insoluble solid, obtained from the oil in the head of the sperm whale; used chiefly in the manufacture of cosmetics, candles, for lustering linens, and in medicine as an emollient in ointments, emulsions and cerates.