S. W. Ricker Fancy Goods

The Maine Business Directory of 1857 listed Shipley W. Ricker as an agent in insurance, and Mary W. Ricker as a dealer in “millinery and fancy goods,” and likely they were related. Vital records and cemetery stones show that Mary Walton Ricker (c.1790–1869) had been married to Capt. Elijah Ricker, who was lost at sea in 1826, aged 40. Apparently she then kept a “fancy goods” shop, possibly out of her home, in the area later burned in the fire of 1870. Shipley Ricker (1827-1905), perhaps her son, established a general store in 1846, with products that included West Indies goods. His daughter, also named Mary W. Ricker (1863-1912), later managed the fancy goods shop, according to some local memoirs, until she married. In 1872, Shipley Ricker, active with the insurance business and many mercantile ventures, lived in the Nathanael Low house on Portland Street.