Quamphegan Landing and Portsmouth Manufacturing Company

Counting House Park

Counting House Park – Quamphegan Landing

Part of South Berwick Historic District, the Town of South Berwick's Counting House Park is on the site of the historic Quamphegan Landing, one of the community's oldest places of settlement dating to the 1600s, when it was the community's transportation link for supplies from Portsmouth and the world beyond. For generations this was the spot where tall pine logs were loaded into the river to be taken downstream to shipyards to become masts. The 1830 Portsmouth Manufacturing Company cotton mill stood here until about 1917.

Just as before the arrival of European settlers Quamphegan was a fishing place of Native Americans, it still attracts fishermen today, as well as kayakers and canoeists at the town boat ramp, and residents enjoying the natural setting of the Salmon Falls River. It is a regular destination of Central School students during their annual Hike Through History, and the gundalow replica “Capt. Adams” visited in 2005. The park is named for the adjacent Counting House Museum.