Horatio Nelson Twombly, China trader

Fogg Memorial, Berwick Academy   

Horatio Nelson Twombly, nephew of William H. Fogg, was born in South Berwick and had graduated from Berwick Academy in the 1840s. He joined and eventually headed his uncle William H. Fogg's China and Japan Trading Company, continuing as president after both Mr. and Mrs. Fogg's deaths. A bachelor who made his home in New York, Twombly spent many years in Asia with the company, including some time in Shanghai overseeing Fogg family business on the Bund during the Taiping Rebellion. In 1886 Twombly became president of Berwick Academy's board of trustees, and oversaw the construction of Fogg Memorial in 1894. The bronze bell in the tower, specially cast in London, was a Twombly gift to the academy.