Herbert G. Drew (1855-1923), millwright

c. 1870 – Drew House - 165 Portland Street

This house is part of the South Berwick Village District on the National Register of Historic Places. Herbert G. Drew (1855-1923), who built this house, was a millwright, according to the South Berwick Register and census of 1904. Perhaps the mill where he worked was the woolen mill at Great Works and he traveled to work on Academy Street. On November 24, 1905, the newspaper Independent wrote, “Herbert Drew collided with Mr. Hartford’s team, while driving on Academy St. last week, and both men were thrown from their wagons. Mr. Drew was so badly wrenched and bruised that he has been confined to his house and his wagon was injured. The horse cleared himself and ran some ways before being stopped.” After Drew, the house was owned by Lewis B. Hanson, a blacksmith who lived at 120 Portland Street.