Business Block Businesses

Businesses of the Business Block

The Business Block, part of South Berwick's Historic District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been host to a variety of merchants through the years. In June 1871, the South Berwick business community published The Cornucopia, a newspaper with ads that appear on this page.

From The York County Atlas of 1872:

18-N.W. Kendall Stationer
17- Chas. E. Whitehead Tailor
16- Geo. W. Brookings Photo & Sewing Machine
15- C. J. Tyler Jewelry Store
14- Chas. Maloy, Boots and Shoes
13- Chas. E. Hobbs, Grocer
12- Rebecca Smith Millinery Store
11- S. W. Ricker Fancy Goods
10- C. C. Merrill Shoe Store
9- Union Store
8-J. P. Davis Stoves & Tinware
7-E. R. McIntire Hardware Store
6-8 Masonic Hall Block
6-N. Hanson, Druggist