Berwick Soldiers at Siege of Louisbourg by Nathan Gould

"A List of Soldiers at Siege of Lousiburg [Louisbourg], 1757"
Nathan Gould
From Old Eliot, Vol. 1, February 1898

Roll of the First Troop of House at “Barwick,” in Sir William Pepperrell's Rgt. They were called “The Blue Troop of Horse,” 1757. Copied from the original in the Massachusetts Archives.

[Old Berwick Historical Society note: The Siege of Louisburg, French capital of Île-Royale, Cape Breton, Canada, took place in the spring of 1745, following a combined French and Wabanaki attack on the fishing port of Canso in Maine. France and England were then opponents in the War of the Austrian Succession. Berwick contributed at least 56 soldiers among the 4200 who left Boston for Louisburg under Pepperrell's command. Though they succeeded in capturing the French fortress, it was returned to France in the peace agreement of 1748.]

    Soldiers of Berwick

    Abraham Lord, Capt.
    John Heard Bartlet, Lieut.
    Thos. Hodson, Quarter Master
    James Gowen, Cornet,
    Nathan Lord, Clerk*1
    Aaron Goodwin, Corp.
    John (Pears?)*2, Corp.
    Benja. Wilson, Corp.


    George Rogers
    John Hammons
    Joseph Curtis
    John Fourbush
    Joseph Goold, Jr.
    Tobias Fernald, Jr.
    Ebenr. Deering
    Joseph Fornald
    Thomas Cutts, Jr.
    Timo Waymouth
    Dinnis Fornald
    Nathl Rogers
    John Shapley, Jr.
    Nathan Bartlett
    Enoch Hutchins, Jr.
    Nich Shapleigh, Jr.
    Saml Hanson, Jr.
    Joseph Emery*3
    Wm Shapley
    Robert Cutts, Jr.
    Stephen Tobey, Jr.
    Benj. Fernald
    Abraham Lord, 3d
    John Hill*4
    Nathl Clark
    Joshua Roberds
    Wm Clark, Jr.
    Saml Wentworth, Jr.
    Saml Pray
    Jacob Shorey
    Jonas Hambleton
    Tilly Hagins
    Saml Lord, Jr.*5
    Joseph Hubbard*6
    Jeremiah Lord
    Danl Grant
    Danl Junkins
    Joseph Junkins, Jr.
    Alex Junkins, Jr.
    John Nowell
    Joseph Grant
    Jeremiah Moulton
    Nathl Webber
    David Lord
    Chas Leby*7
    Joshua Reckerds
    Henry Hobbes

    1Nathan Lord Esq. c. 1723-1792 is buried in Old Fields Burying Ground.
    2Possibly Pierce?
    3A Joseph Emery born February 2, 1702 and died September 17, 1798 is buried in Emery1 burial ground, North side, Flynn's Lane , next to brook. GPS N43° 11.377', W 070° 48.641'
    4Deacon John Hill c. 1738-1810, buried Old Fields Burying Ground
    5A Capt. Samuel Lord c. 1690-1762 is buried in Old Fields Burying Ground, but presumably would have been too old to have been on the Louisbourg Expedition.
    6Joseph Hubbard 1721-1795 is buried in the Hubbard-Emery-Simpson cemetery on Oldfields Road.
    7Charles Libby 12/29/1722-9/8/1772 is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery

(Old Berwick Historical Society notes by Wendy Pirsig.  Updated December 2020.)