Works by Sarah Orne Jewett Published During Her Years in the Jewett-Eastman House

This list is provided by Dr. Terry Heller of Coe College. Full texts of all these stories, novels, poems and essays are at the Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project.

Jenny Garrow's Lovers [story]
The Baby-House Famine [poem]
Mr. Bruce [story]
The Shipwrecked Buttons [story]
In a Hurry [poem]
The Girl with the Cannon Dresses [story]
The Spendthrift Doll [poem]
The Orchard's Grandmother [story]
The House that Ran Away [story]
Half-Done Polly [story]
The Boy with One Shoe [story]
The Yellow Kitten [story]
The Best China Saucer [story]
Daybreak [poem]
Grown-Up [story]
Desert Islanders [story]
The Kitten's Ghost [story]
Birds' Nests [essay]
Doctors and Patients [essay]
Protoplasm and House-Cleaning [essay]
The Old Doll [poem]
The Shore House [story]
The Turtle Club [story]
The Water Dolly [story]
Jake's Holiday [story]
The Sparrow's Mourners [poem]
Miss Sydney's Flowers [story]
The Little Doll that Lied [poem]
Cartridges [essay]
My Friend the Housekeeper [story]
Prissy's Visit [story]
Tame Indians [essay]
Together [poem]
Marigold House [story]
Deephaven Cronies [story]
Woodchucks [story]
Patty's Dull Christmas [story]
Discontent [poem]
The Pepper-Owl [story]
Nancy's Doll [story]
Deephaven Excursions [story]
A Lost Doll [poem]
Deephaven [novel]
Play Days [stories]
A Late Supper [story]
Beyond the Toll-Gate [story]
A Lost Lover [story]
Patty's Long Vacation [story]
Verses [poem]
Only a Doll [poem]
Materials for American Fiction [essay]
Old Friends and New [stories]
Lady Ferry [story]
Theodore Herman Jewett, M.D. of South Berwick [essay]
Paper Roses [story]
Domestic Touches in Fiction [essay]
At Home from Church [poem]
A Sorrowful Guest [story]
A Bit of Shore Life [story]
Good Luck [story]
A Little Traveler [story]
Flowers in the Dark [poem]
Verses for a Letter [poem]
Hallowell's Pretty Sister [story]
Cake Crumbs [story]
A Night in June [poem]
An Autumn Holiday [story]
Two Mornings [poem]
In a Christmas Letter [poem]
Stolen Pleasures [story]
Country By-Ways [stories]
Two Musicians [poem]
Andrew's Fortune [story]
Sheltered [poem]
A Bit of Foolishness [story].
On Star Island [poem]
Miss Becky's Pilgrimage [story]
River Driftwood [essay]
The Soul of the Sunflower [poem]
From a Mournful Villager [story]
At Waking [poem]
Jack's Merry Christmas [story]
Good Society Novels [essay]
A Country Boy in Winter [poem]
The Plea of Insanity [essay]
Tom's Husband [story]
Missing [poem]
The Color Cure [essay]
Pleasant Rooms [essay]
Waiting [poem]
Lucky People [story]
Deplorable Improvements [essay]
The Mate of the Daylight [story]
Woodland Mysteries [essay]
A Guest at Home [story]
An Afternoon in Holland [essay]
After Christmas [story]
The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore [stories]
Jack's Merry Christmas [story]
A French Country Girl [essay]
The Eagle Trees - To J.G.W. [poem to John Greenleaf Whittier]
A New Parishoner [story]
A Landless Farmer [story]
Ungathered Flowers [essay]
Katy's Birthday [story]
A Dark Carpet [story]
The Hare and the Tortoise [story]
Miss Manning's Minister[story]
The Confession of a House-Breaker [essay]
Perseverence [poem]
Every-Day Work [essay]
Tree Planting [essay]
An Only Son [story]
Dunluce Castle [poem]
A Good Inheritance [essay]
The Christmas Eyes [story]
A Country Doctor [novel]
An Adventure [essay]
The Becket Girls' Tree [story]
A Visit Next Door [story]
The Church Mouse [story]
A Farmer's Sorrow [poem]
The News from Petersham [story]
Buttons [story]
Misdirected Energy [essay]
Farmer Finch [story]
A Marsh Island [novel]
Mary and Martha [story]
A White Heron and Other Stories
A White Heron [story]
Three Friends [story]
The Dulham Ladies [story]
Marsh Rosemary [story]
York Garrison, 1640 [poem]
A Garden Story [story]
The Two Browns [story]
The King of Folly Island [story]
The Story of the Normans [history]
A Christmas Guest [story]
The Courting of Sister Wisby [story]
A Caged Bird [poem]
Miss Peck's Promotion [story]
My School Days [essay]
The Landscape Chamber[story]
Law Lane [story]