Board of Directors & Staff

  • Nicole St. Pierre (OBHS - President)Nicole St. Pierre (President) joined the OBHS board way back in the 1990's to help enhance the connections between her RSU35 classroom and the local community. After taking a decade or so off for other adventures, she is back at the helm as president. In addition to her other duties, Nicole is the liaison between OBHS and the school district for The Hike Through History and loves working with both students and teachers. She also organizes the History Games and Hats off to History fundraising events. Nicole has been involved in organizing fun events like Hot Summer Nights Concerts and Lantern Fest for South Berwick. She is currently completing a project that has been close to her history-loving heart - decorating the historic new Stage House Inn.

  • John Demos (Vice-President) has been one of OBHS’ most active volunteers for the past few years. He first came to OBHS curious about his homestead on Rodier Road, which was built by a descendant of George Gray, one of the Scottish prisoners of war who was brought to America as an indentured servant in the mid 1600’s. John’s curiosity about the Battle of Dunbar and the soldiers has led him to be our go-to person for Dunbar descendants looking for information. John worked for several national environmental organizations before retirement in 2018.In his spare time, John likes to go on trips to nearby sates searching for fossils.

  • Sally Hunter (OBHS - Secretary)Sally Hunter (Secretary) has lived in South Berwick for 45 years. When first home with small children, she would read the books of Gladys Hasty Carroll. Eventually becoming an empty nester, Sally attends OBHS lectures and participated in the Chadbourne Dig. She enjoys reading, gardening, walking, being with her grandchildren and volunteering in and for the South Berwick Library, for the Great Works Regional Land Trust and, of course, with OBHS.

  • Jane Orr (OBHS - Treasurer)Jane Orr (Treasurer) was born and raised in South Carolina, but went to college in Massachusetts and has remained a New Englander ever since. She moved from Cambridge to South Berwick in 2015 to be near her stepdaughter’s family. Now retired, she has had many careers as a classical musician, law firm office manager, copy editor, and swimming teacher. Jane became involved with OBHS through John Demos’ archivist workshops in the fall of 2018. A resident of Butler Street, she became interested in the history of her neighborhood, and its connections to the Free Baptist Church. Jane also enjoys hiking the trails of the Great Works Regional Land Trust with her dog. She is a member of two local writing groups and is Secretary of the Friends of the South Berwick Library.

  • Harland Goodwin (OBHS - Board Member)Harland Goodwin is retired from a first career in fund raising and development and a second in managing a local family business. He has lived in South Berwick throughout his life, attended local schools, including graduating in the last class of South Berwick High School. He has always been interested in history, local and otherwise, and is serving on the Board for the second time. Aligned with his interest in history is also an interest in genealogy and has tracked one branch of his family tree back eight generations to one of the original settlers of the area that became South Berwick.

  • Norma Keim (OBHS - Board Member)Norma Keim started her journey with OBHS in the 1980’s a volunteer, cataloging a massive book collection. Since then, she has fallen in love with South Berwick's history, and created the early versions of the Hike Through History with the schools. Norma serves as OBHS’ Financial Secretary and is an active member of the Collections Committee fulfilling research inquiries. She often says that everything that appears in American history books happened here, and affected people here, over the centuries.  Learning about our local history is a wonderful bottomless pit!

  • Trish Towle has lived in South Berwick since 1991, and has been an active member of the community, volunteering for a host of local organizations- most recently on the board of the Marshwood Education Foundation and Pumpkinman/Forward Motion. Trish loves to craft and can often be found baking sugar cookies in a variety of shapes and sizes- anything from lobsters to gnomes. In her spare time, she likes hiking or concert-going with her friends and family. She became hooked on local history when she co-chaired the History Games.

  • Brandon Elsemore grew up in New Brunswick, Canada before moving to South Berwick with his wife and two kids. He is highly involved in the community as a board member of SOBO Central, a Rotarian at the South Berwick/Eliot Rotary and volunteers his time at multiple local events and festivals. He works for himself as a local full time Real Estate Agent licensed in Maine and New Hampshire. Brandon started volunteering for OBHS on the Fundraising Committee for History Games- Trivia Night.