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Sept. 25, 2014 - Chamberlain and Hayes: The Civil War Careers of Two Maine Heroes

Joshua Chamberlain7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) Gen. Joseph Hayes

Regional historian and Berwick Academy teacher, Brad Fletcher, will trace the parallel experiences of the well-known Chamberlain and South Berwick's little know Joseph Hayes.


Bicentennial Exhibit - Main Street South Berwick

From fighting fires to collecting taxes, from stage coach taverns to railroad depots, from former churches and schools that turned into town halls, and the storefronts that still contain businesses today, Main Street holds a lot of history in this town—two hundred years of stories.

In a new bicentennial exhibit at the Counting House Museum, “Main Street, South Berwick: 200 Years of Downtown History,” the Old Berwick Historical Society presents highlights from its museum collection of about 10,000 documents and photographs on local history, and about 1000 historic objects.

The Counting House is staffed by historical society volunteers from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on weekends and other times by appointment. Admission is by donation.

A Bicentennial History


1814: South Berwick Comes into Its Own

by Norma Keim

February 12, 1814 was a momentous day for the village of Quamphegan.  Located on the site of an ancient Indian village still bearing its name, it was the commercial center of the town of Berwick, which then included today’s South Berwick, Berwick and North Berwick.

South Berwick Time Line

Cummings Mill workers

History of South Berwick, Maine, from the age of discovery to the 21st Century

Based on the Maine School Administrative District #35 Timeline of Eliot and South Berwick History - March 16, 2001 


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Fall 2014 Schedule of Events for South Berwick’s 200th Anniversary Year

September 7 (Sunday): Celebrating Sarah Orne Jewett, Historic New England program at the Sarah Orne Jewett House. Join book lovers, community members, and staff in celebrating the birthday of Maine’s favorite regional writer. 4:30-6PM. FMI (207) 384-2454

September 25 (Thursday):  Chamberlain and Hayes:  The Civil War Careers of Two Maine Heroes, featuring South Berwick’s own General Joseph Hayes:  Brad Fletcher, Old Berwick Historical Society lecture at 7:30, Berwick Academy

September 27-28:  Hamilton House Fine Arts and Crafts Festival. This weekend, put on by Historic New England, features some of South Berwick’s finest artisans! FMI (207) 384-2454


From our new bicentennial exhibit - South Berwick Town Hall

Becoming South Berwick:

Surviving the Revolution

Meeting House

by Cari Quater
Berwick Established: In 1713, the same year that ended of Queen Anne’s War- a war dominated by conflict with the French and their Indian allies -- the town of Berwick officially separated from Kittery. 
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